Clint Wills

Silent Key

Orlando, FL

Below is the latest (2008) photo of my station.  All equipment is on a computer table that can be rolled forward to work on the rear.  A roll-out keyboard shelf works fine for logging, etc.  The repackaged audio enhancement unit is in an old cassette deck.  Its internal speaker is not presently in use, since I am using stereo headphones.

Click here for an expanded view of the power supply.
It is a refurbished WECo unit rated at 12 V, 20 A, variable from 0 to 20 V.  
This supply originally served as the filament supply for the vacuum tube repeaters of the TD-2 microwave stations.
The two meters are arranged to "red line" when voltages are correct for input and output to the regulator.

A view of the equipment to the left of the main operating position.


Above is a homemade 24-hour clock, using stick-on numbers. The clock is set in a cut-out of a wood panel.  
On the right is a view of my Bell Ringers certificate.

A very good homebrew 10 m vertical.  

Updated 01-23-2009