John Krupsky

Baton Rouge, LA


Here is my photo from January 2014. On the right side is my Heathkit SB-104A transceiver with the FlexRadio FLEX-3000 on top. The Heathkit was assembled in 1975, so the two transceivers span almost 40 years of technology.In the far right corner is the Heathkit power supply / speaker that is connected to power either transceiver.

The FLEX-3000 connects to a mid-tower PC that is hiding in a compartment of the desk located behind me. A 24" LCD display provides the user interface for the FLEX-3000, along with a keyboard and mouse.  The PowerSDR software is displayed full screen in this photo, but most of the time I use it in a smaller window to permit visibility of other programs. Below is a screen shot taken one morning showing a busy segment of the 40 m band near 7195 kHz.