John Drum

Asheville, NC

A view of the 2008 ham shack at Fort Payne, AL

This W4UOA "Special Event QSL" is for the First Ever Bell Ringer Cross Band 60 meter band QSO.


Before the transmitter arrived


First license 1953!

(left to rt) First rig - a 5 watt CW rig dropped from air WWII & power supply;

(my 2nd rig) Globe Scout 40A bandswitching (big deal) but still crystal controlled;

HQ 129 X (still have!).

Newspaper article 1954 W4BXI

2 meter DX packet antennna, deck mounted, vert polariz, courtesy of Ed Blalack.
Note view from Lookout Mtn toward Monte Sano!

W4BXI Library -- every issue of QST since Dec 1915!
Courtesy of Pete Sides W4AUP an early spark gap oper.

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