David Blake

Appomattox, VA

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I actually have 4 transceivers on the right side of the desk  On the top shelf under the computer is an Icom 706 for 6 meters and a 3 watt QRP rig.  Middle shelf sits the Omni 6 and under it the Orion.  All connect to a switch that goes to the antenna switch so I can put any rig on to any antenna easily.  Under the desk on the right you can see my Astron RS-70M 70 amp power supply which feeds all transceivers.  I have a backup in case there is ever a problem, but it's only 23 amps.

To the left of the desk are amps. From the top down: TE Systems 375 watt 6 meter brick on top of my AL-1200. The AL-1200 is normally my main HF amp. Under it is an old SB200 which has been modified for use as a monoband 750 watt amp for 6 meters only. It was nicely finished and relabeled. On the bottom is an AL-80A that just sits there as a backup. That is all it does because the main amp has been flawless for over 10 years.