John Smenner

Manchester, GA

John Smenner (AD4HX) in the back row, 2nd from left.
Also in photo are: Ron Mixon in the back row, first on left;  ? Green, first row, first on left;  and ? Herrman, in the back row, first on the right.
Anyone recognize the others I would appreciate the names.

Collins MW 109E Microwave Class  1968  Richardson, TX
John Smenner (AD4HX) seated, second from right

Toll Testboard Class 520A   1969  Jacksonville, Fl

  John Smenner (AD4HX) is in the back row, second from left.
Others are, front row left to right,
William Lewis, Straughan Raleigh, NC;  Jack Krebs;  Bert Bentley, Orlando, Fl;  Steve Mosier, Winston Salem NC
Back row left to right,
Art ?;  Myself;  Kent Hawkins, Cocoa, FL;  KH Kelley, Sumter, SC

John Smenner AD4HX is now retired and keeping books and doing custom framing at
Barbara's art business in Manchester, GA.  Please visit our website at
Below is a picture of Barbara.