Net Control Station Guide

Here is a recommended procedure for conducting our Saturday morning net. It is based on past decades of our net operation during which we had a volunteer for each month to serve as the Net Control Station.

  1. Get the frequency before net time
  2. Open the net on schedule with the preamble (first paragraph at this page)
  3. Establish relay stations, if needed, depending on propagation
  4. Make brief announcements of general interest to the net members
  5. Call for short-timer check-ins (those who have only a few minutes to participate)
  6. Call for regular check-ins by member number and call sign. Use a subset of member numbers (e.g. 1 thru 100, 1 thru 200, etc.)
  7. Acknowledge each check-in by member number and call sign
  8. Ask relay station(s) to report additional members heard
  9. Announce rotation sequence of check-ins, giving member numbers and call signs.
  10. Moderate the rotation, with help from relay station(s)
  11. Call for late check-ins and guests
  12. Moderate the rotation, with help from relay station(s)
  13. Close the net

Helpful Resources

The following lists will be helpful for conducting the net:

They are available here.

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Updated 08/31/2015