Bell Ringer Membership

Formal membership in the Bell Ringers is recognized by an assigned member number and a membership certificate.  Membership is offered to a radio amateur who demonstrates frequent participation in the Saturday net.  Most members fit the profile expressed in the mission statement for the group:

"The Bell Ringers are a group of active and retired ham employees of the telephone industry, plus some ham friends with a mutual interest. They comprise a non-message network to meet regularly on the air to provide an exchange of communications and continuing fellowship within our area."

A prospective member who has demonstrated frequent participation in the Saturday morning net may be invited to join the group.  Membership may be granted to an invitee upon providing:  prospective member's name, call sign, current mailing address, phone number, current email address, and a photo of the prospective member.  These should be sent to:  John Krupsky, WA5MLF via email at [click here] or via postal mail at:
12334 Lord Byron Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

The photo may be a paper print sent by postal mail or a graphic file sent by email.  The photo should, ideally, show the prospective member at his or her amateur radio station.  Many examples may be found in the current Bell Ringers photo roster.

Each new member will be assigned a membership number and will receive a membership certificate.  A donation of $2 is requested to cover the cost of membership certificate printing and mailing.  Alternatively, a member may request a PDF copy of the certificate, delivered by email, for local printing.   Each member is entitled to an entry on the Bell Ringers website photo roster where his or her name, location, and photo may be posted, along with additional member-provided information or photos, subject to acceptance by the Bell Ringers Webmaster – WA5MLF, member #17.

Updated 09/22/2013